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TeamBASS needs your help! [07 Feb 2007|05:29pm]
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Cry for Help, Updated [23 Jan 2007|12:40pm]

OK, here are the new details about this years show.
The next rehearsal is Jan. 28th, after that is Super Bowl Sunday with an afternoon rehearsal (Bowl party to follow) then the ball gets rolling Feb 11th and every Sunday till show weekend. (except Easter weekend)
Now, Tech does not need to attend every rehearsal, I can be your 'go-between' and pass along info. Rehearsals in May, Tech Day, and Show weekend are the mandatory days. I can provide crashing space on the weekends for those who live outside Oak Park & Elmwood Park.
I'm still looking for a sound person and lighting person.
Here's a few more details about the job for those who are seriously interested. Both the Sound and Lighting people will have to provide the equipment needed for good sound and proper lighting. It's a lot to ask but you can talk with our Director about how to do get some of the rental fee back via your Tax return. Tech folk will also have to put together their own tech script. If advice is needed for this I have someone you can talk to.
We are a fun bunch of people. We love what we do and it benefits a
great school/parish, St. William. Good times had by all!

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[22 Jan 2007|10:15pm]
ok. i got in. i'm excited, etc...

i plan on majoring in Acting, but my question is: if i go to a local college (Virginia Commonwealth University) for my first two years, and do all of my gen ed classes, can i jump right into and focus on the theatre degree for the last two years, or is the theatre program a four year thing?
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Cry for help [05 Jan 2007|11:32pm]

I am part of a theater group that does a yearly show and have done very well over the last 22 years. Unfortunately, the two guys who have helped us the past 4 years are unable to help this year. 
SO! Anyone out there with Lighting and Sound experience, who doesn't mind working for free, Please contact me as soon as you can for more details. Also check out the link below for more info on the group and the new show. If anyone IS interested and is available this Sunday, Jan 7th, there is kick-off meeting regarding the show which is May 18-19.
We are a fun group of people that love to entertain. 
:)  -Kate-

 Http://community.webtv.net/HarlemNights4/THEHARLEMNIGHTS - The link to the site if you would like to know more
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Comedy Workshops $40 (Chicago) [15 Dec 2006|12:51pm]

Each class is $40 Two classes for $70 sign up on our website at


Stand Up

Saturday Jan 13 10am Location TBD

Do you want to learn the art of stand-up comedy writing? Learn from the man who wrote the book on comedy writing as Snub Fest teams with noted comedian Jim Mendrinos to present a unique comedy workshop that will teach you what you need to know about stand-up comedy writing. The workshop is a writing intensive that runs for three hours and covers all aspects of stand-up comedy writing. This class is designed to work with each student at the level they are currently at, so if you're brand new to stand-up, or if you are stuck in a writing rut, this class can help you find your way to the next level.

Jim Mendrinos, a respected headline comic from NYC, with national TV credits. He literally wrote the book on stand-up comedy, "The Idiot's Guide to Stand-Up", now in bookstores. He has appeared on Comedy Central, HBO and the BBC. He is also one of the producers of the New York City Underground Comedy Festival, and is also a producer for Comedynet. For more information on Jim, please fo to his website www.jim-mendrinos.com.

The Improv Factory

Saturday Jan 13 10am Location TBD

So, a bunch of you like to improvise.cool. You find out that you want to practice together. awesome. Now you want to do a show...ummm.okay. Find out how to start from scratch to create a show that is unique to your ensemble. Discover what your group's common voice is and how to create a form that can amplify it. From one-person to ensemble shows, this workshop will take you through the simple discussion points and exercises that help any company discover the improve structure that will make them shine.

Will Luera is the Artistic Director of ImprovBoston, Artistic Director of the Lowell Comedy Festival, Mainstage Director at ImprovAsylum, and Artistic Associate of the Chicago Improv Festival. Will Luera joined ImprovBoston in 1997 as a member of the Mainstage cast. Soon after he joined the TheatreSports cast and helped to start the Boston franchise of Sitcom.


Saturday Jan 13 1:30pm Location TBD

The beginnings of shows should be more than a chance to create chaos or fulfill some requirement of your format. Those beginning minutes of a show are a chance to check in with your ensemble, to find and agree on the focus and direction of your show, and hopefully, to invite the audience to come on the journey with you rather than confusing them. This workshop uses techniques to unify and strengthen your ensemble’s openings.

Bill Binder has directed the Phoenix Improv Festival for the last two years and been head of the selection committee. He has also been invited to perform at several Festivals including CIF, Del Close, LA Improv Fest, Out of Bounds, Southern Improv Fest etc. He has learned that submissions to festivals can be much more likely to be accepted when they define themselves quickly, especially in a pile of tapes that are all Harolds of one form or another. This doesn't necessarily mean doing something crazy right off the bat, but simply using the beginning of your show to define what we're about to see. He feels he has developed some ideas that can help a troupe form their show this way. Actually, beyond Festival Submissions, he feels this is a great tool for any show for any audience; inviting the viewer in with an anticipation and expectation of what's to come.

Your Show, Your Ensemble and You

Saturday Jan 13 1:30pm Location TBD

This class will focus on the marketing materials you need to help your Ensemble get to the next level, Your Show get to the next level, and for you to get to the next level. Taught by an expert in the all three. Shaun has not only brought her improv group national exposure she has opened doors for her group and herself to be scouted by Television Executives, Casting Directors, and Talent Agents. Her improv group Oui Be Negroes has performed along side with Woody Harlson and Robin Williams because of Shaun’s amazing marketing techniques.

Shaun Landry is the Artistic Director of Oui Be Negroes. She is founder of The San Francisco Improv Alliance and producer of The San Francisco Improv Festival. Other credits include The National Touring Company of the Second City , The Second City Children's Theatre Co, The UPN San Francisco Television show Seriously Unusual Television Network, the upcoming Bob Zagone Film "Reads You Like A Book" starring Danny Glover and the Gabriele Muccino film The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith.
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3 actresses needed - Chicago North [10 Nov 2006|03:24pm]


Hey I'm Abbey. I'm a senior at Columbia College Chicago filming a short (7-10) min post-synch sound film Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 25-26) and am looking for actresses.
It's a lesbian themed movie, but there will not be any graphic sex scenes or nudity. 
Needed: 3 20-30 year old females (all shapes and sizes being considered) Prior film work a plus, but not mandatory. 
Contact me at abbey2fish@aol.com if interested and include a photo of yourself as well as a resume or an informal list of prior work. Compensation and a full version of the script will be discussed then. 

Thanks, Abbey

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future Colum theater student :D [23 Sep 2006|02:11pm]

Hello, I'm a senior in high school at the moment, and I plan on attending Columbia for theater in fall 2007. I found this community and thought I'd drop by and introduce myself and say hello. So, 'hello'. If anyone has any suggestions or advice for me I'm more than willing to take it. I'm a small-town country girl getting ready to move to the big city, so trust me, anything will help. Also, if anyone else in this community is starting next year and needs a roommate, so do I!
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[11 Jul 2006|06:10pm]

haha well i just got my roomate info for this fall, and i called her only to find that apparently she's about to defer her admission and shes not going there?
so now what do i do?
should i call columbia and be like wtf? do i have a new roomate?
or let them come to me? haha

maybe i'll end up with an apt to myself. helllp.
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[06 Jul 2006|03:44pm]

hey, dudes.

i'm not a student at columbia. i am, however, moving to chicago at the end of august to start my first year at the school of the art institute. this columbia community was really the only decent one i could find, though, therefore i joined.

anyway, for over a year now, i've held the most fabulous job working for the premier performing arts venue where i live, and i was wondering if anyone could help me get acclimated in the chicago theatre world. any volunteering or, preferably, paid opportunities that you can tell me about would be awesome.

thanks in advance!

oh, and my name's liz.
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ATT. THEATRE STUDENTS [27 May 2006|11:21pm]

Does anyone have any production photos from Columbia shows in recent years they wouldn't mind sharing with me? I already found someone who sent me photos from Ragtime (WHAT A SET!) but I would love to see others. Main Stage, Student Directed, anything.

If you do please comment with the URL to the photo gallery or you can email them to ktrent@gmail.com if they aren't uploaded anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated SO much!

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Guess what COLUMBIANS you may not know this...in fact you probably don't know this. BUT Columbia College has an improv club. NOT just ANY improv club an IMPROV TEAM! This is a team that has been trained by some of the best improvisors in the whole city of chicago. So I know what your asking yourself, why the shit should i care. BECAUSE, this friday YOUR COLUMBIA COLLEGE IMPROV TEAM. Will be going up against LOYOLA UNIVERSITY. LOYOLA has been talking alot of smack about our school and finally we're getting a chance to take it to them. Your saying sooooo WHAT? This is whats up bitches! The audience decideds who wins and who goes home crying to their baby mommas. You can bet that LOYOLA is going to try and stuff the ballot box, so we need you guys to show up ready to root for your school. This is a competition like you have never seen before. An 8 men enter 1 man leaves battle for respect.
Heres the info that you need to know.
WHERE: at STAGE LEFT THEATER (Thats right across the street from Pick-me up cafe.) On Clark and Sheffield.
HOW: How much? 6 dollars for students.
WHAT: Do you need to bring? Nothing just your support for your school so we can kick the shit out of some jesuits.
ANY THING ELSE: Yeah it's BYOB, so bring as much drinks as you want and get wasted as we make you laugh.

Seats are limited so get there early.
and remember vote for:
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[22 Mar 2006|12:00am]

Hey friends!

I'm a 21 year old Directing major coming in as a freshman.

I just got my housing application and I have a few questions I'm hoping a few of you can help me out with...

- I NEED wireless internet in my building, I know its pretty standard with most colleges but, do they all have it?

- Do any of the building have curfews? After a couple years of living on my own, I don't think a curfew would be the best thing :)

- Speaking of living on my own, I would really like to live in a suite where I have my own room. I don't mind sharing a bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. I would just love to have my own little space. Which building are best for suite living?

Any help would be AMAZING! Thanks so much!

I'm going to cross post this in a few places, I don't mean to be annoying and clog up friends pages!
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[04 Mar 2006|03:35am]
I have one/possibly two Wicked tickets (for the Chicago production) for March 21 @ 7:30 that I'm trying to sell. They are 70 dollars each and are orchestra row L.

If you're interested email me at broadway1baby@yahoo.com
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[02 Mar 2006|10:05pm]

Hey! I will begin attending Columbia this fall (like everyone else that actually posts here) and I will be majoring in Theatre. I am most interested in doing stand up comedy and improv. Fuckin' eh...?
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interdiciplinary major/apts [02 Mar 2006|04:40pm]

Hey. I'll be at CCC in the fall with a planned major in musical theatre performance.
I'm basically obsessed with fashion and want to model (a girl can dream, right) but realistically I want to just be involved in the fashion business if I fail at acting.

My question is: are any of you doing an interdiciplinary major? and if you are, how is it working out? also...is it possible to do musical theatre/fashion merchandising?

anddddd random: Could you put pictures of your dorms on here or send links, so I could maybe see them to get a better idea of how i'll be spending my next 4 years of sleeping time? haha

thank you so much. mad love.
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[19 Jan 2006|11:03pm]

any directing majors?
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[16 Jan 2006|01:18am]

hey everyone! i just stumbled across this website and its awesome because i just got accepted!!! : )
i've been set on going columbia for the past while now, so i'm a very happy camper.
i will be a musical theatre performance major and possibly photography or film editing [if thats an option] minor come fall 2006.

i know its a bit genaric, but any advice you can give me on ANYTHING (housing, major/minor choice, opinions on the musical theatre program [because things from you all will probably be more useful than a lot of the stuff in the pamphlets], the chicago area, the people, or just anything at allllll) will be so incredibly appreciated.

I'M SO EXCITED! haha had to get it out of my system.
thank you so much. i'd love to meet some of you before i head out there.

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[13 Dec 2005|09:10pm]

Thanks for all your advice.
I submitted my application/fee to Columbia under a BA in Theater with a general concentration. I think I'm sending my transcripts even though they're not required.
Also, I'm doing the transfer student scholarship application, where I'm planning on submitting up to 15min of me from various shows. Does anyone have any advice for that? Is the scholarship really hard to get?

Also, any advice on housing? I know I'm really jumping ahead but it makes me feel better if I have an idea of what I'm doing. Ideally, I want a quad where everyone has their own bedroom. I can't find the prices at the moment.. does anyone live in one of those now, and what is the residence hall like?

Sorry for so many questions, I'm just nervous! ahhh!
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[13 Dec 2005|11:51am]

Hi, I'm a freshman transferring from Miami University in Ohio (at the end of the year), and am seriously considering Columbia. My only problem is that I enjoy SO MANY of the majors (I'm really into art, film, digital design, computer stuff, theater/musical theater, writing...ahhhh), that I have no idea what I would want to do.

I know their film program is amazing (I have friends in it now), but is the theater program as good? I was thinking acting, but I LOVE musical theater, can I still do those shows without majoring in it? I'm not sure how it works...

Also, since pretty much every college has an acting major (and Columbia doesn't require an audition), I wasn't sure how great their program is in comparison to Carnegie, NYU, CCM at University of Cincinnati etcccccccccccc. Thanks!
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[29 Nov 2005|11:15am]

Available NOW!!

I have a studio available now in a nice high rise on Chicago's lakefront. Very near to Hollywood Beach, and great restaurants and shops in the Edgewater/Bryn Mawr historic district. Just minutes from Lincoln Park and downtown Chicago. Near the Red Line - 2 blocks east of the station! Easy access to Loyola (right up the street), DePaul, Columbia, Roosevelt, IIT, UIC, and Northwestern University.

The buidling is secure (24 hour doorstaff and intercom entry), 24 hour laundry room, on-site building engineer, convenience store in the building, and a the management office is off the lobby as well.

Apartment is very clean (I'll definitely clean it for anyone who desperately wants it super cleaned). LOTS and LOTS of storage space (coat closet, walk-in closet, bathroom closet, storage locker, huge kitchen cabinets) and there is cable access.

The building is very calm and quiet and relaxed. Pretty much everyone is friendly.

You would need to sign up for electricity in your name - it's decently cheap it costs me about $25/month. Heat, water, and cooking gas is included. Cats are allowed for a deposit I believe (I have no pets, I don't know for sure). Dogs aren't allowed.

Rent is $585/month and the lease goes until January 31, 2007. I'm desperate for someone to take this ASAP as I am having to move in with some friends for the time being due to financial issues or else I would stay. The application fee is $40 and the 1st and last months rent is required upfront (this is not my rule it is the landlords).

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or requests to see the apartment.I also have photos if anyone is interested!


X-posted all over the place!
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